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Complete Health Indicator Report of New Mexico Population Demographics - Homes Built Before 1950


The percent of housing units built before 1950 is the number of housing units built before 1950, divided by the total number of housing units in a geographic region.


The number of housing units built before 1950


The total number of housing units

Data Interpretation Issues

This measure identifies communities where children may be at greater risk of exposure to lead paint in older housing. Limitations of this measure are that it does not account for houses that have been renovated or have had lead paint removed, and information on the condition of the housing is not available from Census data. This measure does not account for other lead sources in the community. Similarly, children may be exposed to lead paint in a county other than their county of residence while visiting family, or attending day care.

Why Is This Important?

The risk factors for childhood lead poisoning include living in housing built before 1950, being African American, and living in a family with a poverty-level income. Studies have documented low blood-lead testing rates among children living in households with these risk factors. This measure identifies counties with higher percentages of children who may be at increased risk for lead poisoning. When compared with lead-testing rates by county, populations with inadequate lead testing of young at-risk children may be identified in order to improve testing in these regions.

Other Objectives

CDC Environmental Public Health Tracking, Nationally Consistent Data and Measures (EPHT NCDM)

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Graphical Data Views

Housing Units Built Before 1950 by County, New Mexico, 2011-2015

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confidence limits

CountyPercentage of Homes Built Before 1950Lower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 35
De Baca31.3%2.7%59.9%303967
Dona Ana6.6%1.0%12.1%5,48083,586
Los Alamos8.7%0.0%18.6%Very Unstable7238,313
Rio Arriba11.0%0.9%21.2%2,15619,564
San Juan3.2%0.5%5.8%1,56949,562
San Miguel22.4%2.1%42.7%3,48215,558
Santa Fe9.6%0.9%18.3%6,88471,673
Torrance10.9%0.2%21.6%Very Unstable8457,769
US14.3%U.S. Data from 2015

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census.

Housing Units Built Before 1950 by Health Region, New Mexico, 2011-2015

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confidence limits

New Mexico Health RegionPercentage of Homes Built Before 1950Lower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 7
New Mexico9.2%1.4%17.0%83,656909,565
US14.3%U.S. Data from 2015

Small AreaPercentage of Homes Built Before 1950Lower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 111
1-Bernalillo County, Central Penn11.0%8.6%13.3%1,37712,559
2-Bernalillo County, Central Tabo3.0%1.3%4.6%40413,655
3-Bernalillo County, East Gateway0.2%0.0%0.8%Very Unstable228,772
4-Bernalillo County, Lomas San Mateo23.2%19.7%26.8%2,56811,046
5-Bernalillo County, Lomas Girard30.1%25.4%34.9%2,1387,095
6-Bernalillo County, Gibson University20.4%16.8%24.0%1,3436,583
7-Bernalillo County, Rio Bravo Second16.8%12.5%21.0%5383,207
8-Bernalillo County, Lomas Broadway40.9%37.1%44.8%4,35610,646
9-Military Bases1.3%0.0%2.7%Very Unstable493,795
10-Bernalillo County, Isleta Gun Club10.8%7.1%14.5%5324,931
11-Bernalillo County, Arenal Unser0.5%0.0%1.5%Very Unstable274,966
12-Bernalillo County, Chavez OneEighteenth0.1%0.0%0.8%Very Unstable68,090
13-Bernalillo County, Southwest6.3%4.7%7.9%2423,835
14-Bernalillo County, Arenal Tapia20.4%16.7%24.1%1,5347,525
15-Bernalillo County, Central Coors16.6%12.4%20.8%1,3278,013
16-Bernalillo County, So. Ninetyeight0.7%0.0%1.5%Very Unstable659,373
17-Bernalillo County, No. Ninetyeight0.5%0.0%1.5%Very Unstable5410,433
18-Bernalillo County, Montano Rio Grande18.7%14.6%22.8%1,0665,704
19-Bernalillo County, Candelaria Second25.0%19.9%30.1%1,9207,682
20-Bernalillo County, Comanche Carlysle4.0%2.3%5.7%3127,830
21-Bernalillo County, Indian School Pennsylvania4.5%2.9%6.2%58712,939
22-Bernalillo County, Indian School Juan Tabo2.6%1.3%3.8%2379,216
23-Bernalillo County, Montgomery Louisiana1.1%0.4%1.7%Unstable11410,783
24-Bernalillo County, Montgomery Moon0.6%0.0%1.5%Very Unstable396,016
25-Bernalillo County, Comanche Juan Tabo1.1%0.2%2.0%Unstable908,082
26-Bernalillo County, Paseo Louisiana0.5%0.0%1.2%Very Unstable469,109
27-Bernalillo County, Paseo Ventura0.2%0.0%0.6%Very Unstable2011,742
28-Bernalillo County, East Mountain4.6%2.7%6.5%4199,051
29-Bernalillo County, Del Norte0.2%0.0%0.8%Very Unstable157,638
30-Bernalillo County, Montano Coors0.6%0.0%1.5%Very Unstable365,503
31-Bernalillo County, Alameda Coors0.6%0.0%1.5%Very Unstable629,790
32-Bernalillo County, Alameda Edith9.3%6.5%12.1%8599,247
33-Bernalillo County, Academy Tramway0.6%0.0%1.5%Very Unstable8613,931
34-Bernalillo County, Irving Unser0.5%0.0%1.1%Very Unstable5410,930
35-Chaves County, Roswell N.W.13.9%11.1%16.7%1,93713,975
36-Chaves County, Roswell S.E.19.4%15.3%23.4%1,2106,251
37-Chaves County, Other19.0%14.9%23.0%1,2296,483
38-Cibola County9.4%7.5%11.3%1,04511,088
39-Colfax/Union Counties22.7%20.1%25.4%2,81112,366
40-Curry County, Clovis West11.3%8.2%14.4%6926,138
41-Curry County, Clovis East16.3%13.1%19.6%1,5519,500
42-Dona Ana County, Anthony Berino Chaparral4.6%2.5%6.8%3567,662
43-Dona Ana County, Central Las Cruces24.1%19.9%28.2%1,9448,079
44-Dona Ana County, Dona Ana Fort Selden2.9%1.0%4.7%Unstable2819,808
45-Dona Ana County, Hatch and Surrounding Area11.4%7.6%15.2%5054,442
46-Dona Ana County, Las Alturas Talavera0.6%0.0%1.5%Very Unstable386,222
47-Dona Ana County, Mesilla Picacho Mesilla Park13.9%10.0%17.7%7255,234
48-Dona Ana County, Northwest Las Cruces3.4%1.9%4.9%3289,667
49-Dona Ana County, Sonoma Butterfield Moongate0.9%0.0%1.8%Very Unstable10612,391
50-Dona Ana County, South Valley14.2%10.2%18.2%7175,046
51-Dona Ana County, Sunland Park1.3%0.1%2.5%Unstable816,192
52-Dona Ana County, South Las Cruces4.8%2.4%7.2%3958,228
53-Eddy County, Carlsbad19.5%16.2%22.8%2,37512,202
54-Eddy County, Other13.2%10.1%16.4%1,45310,964
55-Grant County, Silver City12.4%9.1%15.7%9797,903
56-Hidalgo County/Grant County, Other20.6%18.0%23.3%1,8849,124
57-Lea County, Hobbs No.4.4%2.3%6.5%3608,179
58-Lea County, Hobbs So.16.9%12.4%21.5%8715,142
59-Lea County, Other12.9%10.6%15.3%1,52511,796
60-Lincoln County9.1%7.2%11.0%1,60917,636
61-Los Alamos County8.7%6.2%11.2%7238,313
62-Luna County9.0%7.3%10.8%99010,972
63-McKinley County, Gallup13.5%10.5%16.6%1,1748,672
64-McKinley County, NW1.6%1.1%2.1%945,883
65-McKinley County, SW5.0%3.4%6.5%3086,223
66-McKinley County, Other2.8%1.7%3.8%1395,002
67-San Miguel County, Las Vegas24.8%20.6%29.0%1,7917,226
68-San Miguel County, Pecos/Villanueva20.4%14.5%26.4%1,0585,179
69-Mora/Guadalupe/San Miguel East24.1%20.4%27.9%2,0908,661
70-Otero County, Alamogordo N.E.2.6%1.2%4.0%2057,981
71-Otero County, Alamogordo S.W.6.4%4.7%8.2%4987,744
72-Otero County, Other8.1%6.0%10.2%1,13414,012
73-Quay/DeBaca/Harding Counties24.0%20.7%27.4%1,6897,030
74-Rio Arriba, Espanola and Pueblos11.7%9.5%13.9%1,47412,601
75-Rio Arriba, North9.8%7.2%12.4%6826,963
76-Roosevelt County/Curry County, Other12.5%10.4%14.7%1,55412,412
77-San Juan County, Farmington North1.6%0.2%3.0%Unstable1076,769
78-San Juan County, Farmington Southeast3.1%1.7%4.5%1835,916
79-San Juan County, Farmington West/Kirtland/La Plata3.6%1.8%5.3%3008,458
80-San Juan County, North/Aztec5.6%3.6%7.6%5519,926
81-San Juan County, Northeast/Bloomfield1.9%0.5%3.3%Unstable1186,221
82-San Juan County, South2.5%1.6%3.4%1485,991
83-San Juan County, West2.6%1.8%3.4%1626,281
84-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho Blvd, No.0.5%0.0%1.1%Very Unstable6011,573
85-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho Blvd, So.0.1%0.0%0.6%Very Unstable46,826
86-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho West0.9%0.0%2.1%Very Unstable849,456
87-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho So.0.3%0.0%1.0%Very Unstable308,745
88-Sandoval County, Bernalillo/Placitas9.0%6.0%12.0%5706,329
89-Sandoval County, Corrales6.2%2.6%9.7%2263,657
90-Sandoval County Other East15.0%12.2%18.0%4052,691
91-Sandoval County Other West4.6%3.3%5.9%2024,398
92-Santa Fe County, East Foothills + Eldorado4.6%3.2%6.0%54711,924
93-Santa Fe County, Opera Vicinity6.6%4.1%9.0%5558,462
94-Santa Fe County, Pueblos Plus12.4%10.6%14.2%1,2019,710
95-Santa Fe Co., Agua Fria Neighborhood + Downtown26.6%24.1%29.2%3,77514,189
96-Santa Fe County, Agua Fria Village4.4%2.3%6.5%2505,651
97-Santa Fe, Bellamah/Stamm1.1%0.3%2.0%Unstable1018,918
98-Santa Fe County, Airport Road1.5%0.4%2.6%Unstable916,144
99-Santa Fe County, South5.4%3.6%7.3%3646,675
101-Sierra/Catron Counties13.7%11.2%16.2%1,65712,089
102-Socorro County14.0%11.5%16.5%1,1248,010
103-Torrance County10.9%8.4%13.4%8457,769
104-Taos County, Northwest10.3%6.8%13.9%7467,212
105-Taos County, Downtown and High Road18.6%15.6%21.6%2,43913,104
106-Valencia County, Los Lunas2.1%0.9%3.2%1366,588
107-Valencia County, NE5.6%2.8%8.4%3546,306
108-Valencia County, SE2.8%1.1%4.5%Unstable2528,925
109-Valencia County, West and Belen11.0%7.8%14.1%9158,343
New Mexico9.2%1.4%17.0%83,656909,565
United States14.3%U.S. Data from 2015

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey.

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