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Health Indicator Report of New Mexico Population - Language Other Than English Spoken at Home

Speaking another language can influence how a person is able to interact with others and participate in economic, educational and other opportunities. Knowing the proportion of people who might need help in understanding English can inform policies, programs and services. Addressing language barriers can help eliminate health disparities by removing language related barriers to healthcare access.

The Percentage of Persons Age 5 and Over Living in Households where a Language Other than English is Spoken at Home by Small Area, New Mexico, 2013-2017


American Community Survey population estimates are the calculated number of people living in an area as of a specified point in time, usually July 1st. The estimated population is calculated using a component of change model that incorporates information on natural increase (births, deaths) and net migration (net domestic migration, net international migration) that has occurred in an area since the latest decennial census.   Estimates based on U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates and population estimates from University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program.

Data Sources

  • U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.
  • New Mexico Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,

Data Interpretation Issues

Data are based on a sample and are subject to sampling variability. The degree of uncertainty for an estimate arising from sampling variability is represented through the use of a margin of error. The margin of error can be interpreted roughly as providing a 90 percent probability that the interval defined by the estimate minus the margin of error and the estimate plus the margin of error (the lower and upper confidence bounds) contains the true value. In addition to sampling variability, the ACS estimates are subject to non-sampling error. Estimates of urban and rural population, housing units, and characteristics reflect boundaries of urban areas defined based on Census 2010 data. As a result, data for urban and rural areas from the ACS do not necessarily reflect the results of ongoing urbanization.


The percentage of persons living in households where English is not spoken at home.


Estimated population age 5 years and older living in households where English is not spoken at home.


Estimated population age 5 years and older.

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