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Query Results for New Mexico Environmental Public Health Tracking CO Exposure Calls, 2008-2019 - Crude Rates, CO Exposures Per 100,000 Population

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All population estimates and projections apply to July 1 of the selected year.

Statistical Stability

Statistical stability, reported in the data table, is based on a statistic called the "Relative Standard Error," or RSE, which is the standard error expressed as a proportion of the point estimate (e.g., 30% of the point estimate). The following conventions are used here to interpret the RSE. * A dash (-) means that the relative standard error (RSE) is below 0.30 and the count or rate may be considered stable. * "Unstable" is displayed when the RSE is 0.30-0.50. An unstable count or rate may fluctuate widely across time periods due to random variation (chance). * "Very Unstable" is displayed when the RSE is greater than 0.50. A very unstable count or rate should not be used to inform decisions. You may combine years or otherwise increase the population size used in the query to achieve a more stable count or rate. Problems with statistical instability typically occur when there is a small number of health events in a small population. For more information on statistical stability, visit the NM-IBIS Reliability & Validity page [].

NM-IBIS Map Guidance

For guidance on NM-IBIS map categories, please visit [].
  • New Mexico CO exposure call data are collected by New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center, UNM College of Pharmacy, 1-800-222-1222 and Data presented here came from reports provided by the National Poison Data System American Association of Poison Centers,
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,
Data presented here include years 2008 and forward. The default geographic area is a county level summary. CO exposure calls of unknown geographic area (e.g., county) cannot be mapped, but are tabulated. However, age-adjusted rates cannot be tabulated for unknown geographic area.

When utilizing these data, the following caveats should be noted:

  • Only unintentional or unknown intent for CO exposure is reported.
  • Data are from phone calls only.

2000-2010 county intercensal population estimates were re-calculated after the release of the 2010 census, so they will not match earlier 2000 post-censal estimates from UNM GPS. Totals may vary due to rounding. These estimates are considered the most accurate estimates for the state of New Mexico, and should match those found on the Geospatial and Population Studies website:
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