Can Bigarade Orange Help You Lose Weight? Know Benefits!

Can Bigarade Orange Help You Lose Weight?

Bigarade Orange, also known as Bitter orange, is a citrus fruit that has been used for centuries in herbal medicine and culinary applications. Recent research has explored the potential weight loss benefits of Bigarade orange extracts, especially the compound p-synephrine. 

We have thoroughly analyzed the potential of Bigarade Orange to aid in weight loss. Our research covers the key aspects of this citrus fruit, including the beneficial compounds it contains, its purported health benefits, the safety of its use, and how it is utilized culinarily. 

Let’s dive deeper into some of the main ways Bigarade orange is thought to help promote weight loss and how adding it to your diet or supplementation routine may support your weight management goals.

What is Bigarade Orange?

Bigarade Orange originated in Southeast Asia and is now grown globally across suitable subtropical climates. This oval-shaped citrus fruit has a distinctly thick, dimpled rind and ripens to a bold red-orange color. True to its name, Bigarade Orange has an intensely bitter taste, especially in the peel and pith. There are over 20 different varieties of Bigarade Orange, with the Bergamot variety being one of the most commercially prominent. The dried peel of Bigarade Orange is often processed into extracts used in dietary supplements and traditional herbal medicines.

Compounds and Nutrients Of Bigarade Orange

The following are the main bioactive compounds and nutrients found in bitter orange:

1. Limonene

Similar to other citrus fruits, bigarade orange contains the compound limonene, which has exhibited anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties in the initial research. Though early studies display encouraging findings, further probing and corroboration in human participants is critical to verify limonene’s hypothesized disease prevention effects. However, limonene remains a focal compound in bigarade oranges for ongoing research.

2. Octopamine

Octopamine is classified as a proto alkaloid that can be found in trace amounts within Bigarade orange, though the quantities are generally very small and minimal. When ingested, octopamine appears to be rapidly metabolized and broken down by the liver before it can circulate in the body. Currently, there is no strong evidence to suggest that the minute levels of octopamine in Bigarade oranges produce any noticeable effects or impacts on the human body. The prevailing conclusion is that octopamine in itself does not have relevant biological activity for health purposes.

    3. P-Synephrine

    P-synephrine is the predominant active compound extracted from Bigarade oranges. Through its mechanisms, p-synephrine is hypothesized to aid weight loss by increasing fat breakdown, boosting metabolism and energy expenditure, and suppressing appetite. However, more rigorous research and clinical trials in humans are still required to definitively confirm p-synephrine’s efficacy and safety for weight loss. While promising, current evidence is limited and inconclusive on its effects.

      4. Other Compounds

      The leaves and peel of Bigarade oranges contain an array of beneficial antioxidants. For example, the leaves are a rich source of antioxidant vitamin C. Additionally, the peel harbors antioxidant flavonoids that have demonstrated medicinal value. These antioxidants can provide health advantages by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

      Can Bigarade Orange Support Weight Loss?

      Bigarade orange is emerging as a promising potential ingredient for weight management supplements. Many formulations combine bigarade orange extracts with other complementary ingredients to create proprietary blends aimed at aiding weight loss. The key compound p-synephrine has exhibited fat-burning effects in initial research when taken at sufficient dosages. While more extensive clinical trials are still needed, these early findings are encouraging and indicate Bigarade Orange may have untapped potential as a weight loss aid. With further research, Bigarade orange could validate its use as an effective ingredient in evidence-based weight loss supplementation. There are good grounds for optimism that ongoing studies will uncover benefits that validate the inclusion of Bigarade orange extracts in products targeting fat loss and healthy weight maintenance.

      Health Benefits Of Bigarade Orange

      Historically, Bigarade orange has been utilized in traditional medicine for alleviating conditions like indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, and epilepsy. However, there is limited evidence to support these uses or benefits. The high vitamin C content may improve skin health, but more research is required. P-synephrine may enhance athletic performance by increasing training capacity.

      Bigarade Orange Dosage And Safety

      Doses of 50-98 mg of Bigarade orange extracts per day are generally considered safe. Consuming 40 mg of synephrine with 320 mg of caffeine was deemed a safe combination. Eating a Bigarade orange with 30.6 mg p-synephrine showed no medication interactions. Still, Bigarade orange should be avoided in pregnancy due to insufficient safety data.

      Bigarade Orange Culinary Uses

      The extremely tart, Bigarade taste of raw Bigarade orange makes it unsuitable for consumption as whole fruit. However, Bigarade orange is commonly utilized in marmalade production, where it lends its natural pectin along with a distinct Bigarade citrus flavor. The oils and zest of Bigarade orange are frequently incorporated as ingredients to enhance the flavor of candies, ice creams, salad dressings, wines, and various other foods and beverages. The juice of Bigarade oranges can be used as a marinade for meats and fish or as a vinegar substitute in recipes needing a Bigarade citrus element. Additionally, Bigarade orange is a staple in traditional Chinese herbal teas and medicinal formulations.

      Other Uses Of Bigarade Orange

      Beyond medicinal and culinary applications, BIgarade orange essential oils are valued components in many perfumes and fragrances. Bigarade orange extracts and oils can also be formulated into soaps, cleaners, and antiseptic solutions that provide cleansing and sanitizing properties. The versatility of Bigarade orange allows it to be utilized in a wide range of products spanning food, medicine, cosmetics, and more.


      In summary, Bigarade orange is a remarkably versatile citrus fruit with uses across medicinal, culinary, and other applications. While ongoing research continues to uncover its potential benefits for weight management, sufficient evidence is still lacking, and more studies on compounds like p-synephrine are needed. With judicious and moderate use, Bigarade orange can be safely consumed to add vibrant flavor and variety to diets and products.

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