PhenQ vs Alli Comparison 2023 | Which is Better? Find Out!

PhenQ vs Alli Comparison - Which is The Best Weight Loss Supplement?

Losing weight can be challenging, but the right weight loss supplement can accelerate your progress. With so many weight loss supplements on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. The two most popular options available on the market are PhenQ and Alli. But how do you choose between them? This in-depth comparison breaks down the ingredients, benefits, potential side effects, and effectiveness of PhenQ and Alli to help you determine the best weight loss supplement.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ Weight Loss Pills

PhenQ is a dietary supplement designed to help with weight loss. It contains a blend of natural ingredients that work through multiple mechanisms to target weight loss in five key ways: PhenQ is designed to burn existing fat stores, reduce new fat production, suppress appetite, boost energy and mood, and block fat production. 

PhenQ is formulated to help you lose weight faster and more effectively than diet and exercise alone. The unique combination of ingredients makes PhenQ superior to other supplements that only focus on one or two aspects of weight loss. By taking a more holistic approach, you get better and faster results with PhenQ.

Pros and Cons of PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement

PhenQ is an all-natural weight loss supplement. The following are the main pros and cons of PhenQ:


  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • PhenQ boosts metabolism and burns more calories
  • Eliminates cravings and reduces appetite
  • PhenQ increases fat burning during workouts
  • Boosts energy and focus for better workouts
  • PhenQ enhances mood to support the weight loss journey.


  • PhenQ Contains caffeine, which some people are sensitive to
  • Only available on the official website
  • PhenQ is Slightly more expensive than the competitors

What is Alli?

Alli Weight Loss Pills

Alli is an over-the-counter weight loss pill. It contains 60 mg of Orlistat, which prevents the absorption of some of the fat from foods you eat. By reducing fat absorption, it helps you take in fewer calories and lose weight.

The FDA has approved Alli for use in overweight adults ages 18 and older in conjunction with a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet. It’s meant to boost weight loss results, not achieve them on its own.

Alli only focuses on one narrow aspect of weight loss — preventing fat absorption. It doesn’t provide complete support like PhenQ.

Pros and Cons of Alli Weight Loss Supplement

Alli is an effective weight loss supplement. The following are the main pros and cons of Alli:


  • Clinically proven to enhance weight loss efforts
  • Alli is approved by the FDA for weight management
  • It can be purchased without a prescription


  • It is known to cause digestive side effects like gas and loose stools
  • Alli is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians (contains gelatin)
  • Doesn’t boost metabolism, energy, or motivation like PhenQ
  • Alli only prevents absorption of dietary fat

Key Differences Between PhenQ and Alli

The main differences between PhenQ and Alli are:

  • Ingredients: PhenQ contains natural ingredients. Alli only contains the active drug Orlistat.
  • Approach: PhenQ targets weight loss in multiple ways. Alli focuses narrowly on preventing fat absorption.
  • Side Effects: PhenQ is unlikely to cause side effects. Alli commonly causes digestive issues.
  • Availability: PhenQ is only available on their website. Alli can be purchased over the counter.

Overall, PhenQ provides complete support for your weight loss journey. Alli simply enhances your diet’s effects but doesn’t boost metabolism, energy, or motivation like PhenQ does.

Ingredients in PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement

The ingredients in PhenQ work together to target weight loss in multiple ways for improved results compared to supplements with fewer ingredients. PhenQ contains a proprietary blend of the following research-backed ingredients:

  • A-Lacys Reset® – This patented formula in PhenQ is clinically proven to help you burn more calories by speeding up metabolism and thermogenesis. It also reduces fatigue to boost workout performance.
  • Capsimax Powder – This concentrated extract in PhenQ from capsicum peppers increases fat burning through thermogenesis. It also suppresses appetite.
  • Chromium Picolinate – An essential mineral that curbs carb and sugar cravings to make it easier to stick to your diet.
  • Caffeine – Increases thermogenesis and lipolysis in PhenQ to burn more calories. Also provides extra energy for workouts.
  • Nopal Cactus Extract – A high-fibre cactus extract that controls hunger by absorbing fluid and expanding in the stomach to make you feel fuller.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate – An amino acid that helps convert stored fat into energy, aiding weight loss. Also fights fatigue.

Ingredients in Alli Weight Loss Supplement

Unlike PhenQ’s blend of natural ingredients, Alli contains just one active drug:

  • Orlistat 60mg – Prevents the absorption of some of the fat you eat, so it’s eliminated from the body instead of stored. But it can cause unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects.

Dosage of PhenQ And Alli Supplements

The recommended dosage for PhenQ is taking 2 capsules per day – one with breakfast and one with lunch. It’s best taken 20 minutes before a meal.

For Alli, the dosage is one 60mg capsule taken three times per day within an hour of eating a meal containing fat. The dosage should not exceed 3 capsules daily.

Users of both supplements should stick closely to the recommended dosages to avoid side effects. Exceeding the PhenQ dosage may cause jitteriness from too much caffeine while taking more than the recommended Alli dosage greatly increases the risk of digestive issues.

Side Effects Of PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement

Potential side effects of PhenQ weight loss supplements include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Digestive issues

These are generally mild at the recommended dosage and caused by caffeine sensitivity. Lowering caffeine intake from other sources can help.

Side Effects Of  Alli Weight Loss Supplement

Common Alli side effects include:

  • Gas and bloating
  • Loose or oily stools
  • Uncontrollable bowel movements
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Liver injury

These stem from Alli’s effects on digestion and fat absorption. They can be embarrassing and difficult to manage.

For most people, PhenQ’s natural formula is much better tolerated and unlikely to cause adverse side effects, especially when taken as directed.

How to Buy Weight Loss Supplements?

PhenQ is only available on the official website. Buying directly gives you access to deals like:

  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Free Bottle with 3 Bottle Purchase

Alli can be purchased over the counter at major pharmacies and retailers like Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and more. It costs around $60-70 for a pack of 120 capsules.

Buying PhenQ from the manufacturer gives you guarantees of getting the real product. Alli is more convenient to purchase, but check reviews to avoid counterfeits.

The Bottom Line

When comparing the two supplements, PhenQ is the clear winner. Its blend of all-natural ingredients provides complete weight loss support to help you lose weight faster in multiple ways.

Alli is a narrowly focused supplement that prevents fat absorption but can cause embarrassing and disruptive side effects. It doesn’t provide extra energy or motivation.

For faster, more effective weight loss without major side effects, choose PhenQ. With its multi-angle approach to fat burning, appetite suppression, and energy boosting, it can supercharge your weight loss journey.

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