What Are The Benefits Of Boiling Water?

What Are The Benefits Of Boiling Water?

Boiling water is an ancient remedy that may seem too simple to offer natural health perks. But this habit actually has some science and studies supporting its potential benefits. Heating water to its boiling point, typically 100°C (212°F), is called boiling. Boiling water is a very simple and useful method to make your water pure and germ-free.

Let’s dive into the research backed ways that boiling water could boost your health, hydration and wellbeing.

Why Should You Boil Water?

Boiling water involves heating water to its boiling point, typically 212°F (100°C). Boiling water is one of the simplest and most effective ways to purify and disinfect water. By bringing water to a rolling boil, most disease-causing microbes that may be present are killed or deactivated. Boiling water also helps remove some chemical contaminants that can be unhealthy. 

Boiling water can relieve congestion, aid digestion, promote relaxation, and more. The warmth itself may provide therapeutic effects for inflammation. Plus, it keeps you hydrated as quickly as cold water does. Cold water quenches thirst on a hot day. But there are some unique advantages to sipping hot beverages, especially simple hot water.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water?

Many traditional medicine practices and pieces of emerging scientific evidence point to the advantages of drinking hot water. When sipping hot drinks, research suggests an ideal temperature range between 130 and 160°F (54 and 71°C) to avoid burns. Let’s explore the benefits that may have you turning up your water heater!

1. Quenches Thirst

Research shows water at any temperature keeps you hydrated. The body absorbs it the same either way. So for a change of pace, start your day with hot water and lemon rather than cold. Use warm water when taking medications too. If you drink around 6-8 cups of fluid daily, hot it up!

2. Healthy Digestion

Proper hydration is crucial for healthy digestion and regularity. Hot water may provide added benefits by warming your gastrointestinal system and promoting better food breakdown. If you think only ice-cold water is truly hydrating? Think again!

Some alternative medicine adherents believe hot water can actively “dissolve” and dissipate any food particles lingering after meals for smoother digestion. The overall warmth may help relax and activate your intestinal muscles as well.  

3. Relieve Constipation

Like roughage keeps your plumbing flowing, proper hydration keeps digestion regular. Hot water’s warmth may provide extra relief for occasional constipation.

The heat relaxes and stimulates the intestines while the liquid softens up any impacted stool. This makes elimination easier. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning may offer the most benefit if you feel backed up.

4. Eases Food Swallowing 

For those with achalasia or dysphagia, swallowing difficulties are a daily battle. But something as simple as hot water may help relax tight esophageal muscles.

One study noted that warm liquid supplements reduced spastic contractions of the esophagus for participants with achalasia. The warmth gently opens the pathway for easier swallowing.

5. Eases Nasal Congestion

Have you ever had sinus congestion loosen up right after sipping something hot? That’s because inhaling steam from hot beverages can help open clogged nasal passages and relieve sinus headaches.

The gentle warmth and moisture may also relax and soothe sore throats caused by post-nasal drip or throat infections. So sipping your way through the cold season could help mitigate misery!

6. Calms the Mind

Hot water intake can improve cognitive function and mood. In one study, participants drinking water had better moods, lower anxiety, and heightened brain activity during demanding tasks compared to the dehydrated control group.

Heat also promotes relaxation. So for both hydration and tranquillity benefits, having a warm cup by your side during stressful work could help you think clearer and feel calmer.

7. Improve Circulation

Does your circulation need a boost? The comforting warmth from hot beverages may dilate blood vessels like a hot shower or bath does.

Improved circulation provides benefits throughout the body, from oxygenating tissues to lowering blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular issues. 

8. Reduce Stress

Between hydration and heat, sipping hot water throughout the day may lower cortisol and dampen anxiety. One study found that low water intake reduced positive emotions. So proper hydration alone can help your mood. Combine it with hot water’s relaxing thermal effect, and stress may melt away.

9. Aids Body’s Detoxing

Water’s role in filtration and waste removal makes proper hydration paramount for detoxifying. Hot water may provide additional aid by promoting efficient kidney function and urination.

Adequate water intake also helps dilute potential toxins in the bloodstream and facilitates their safe passage out. So flush out impurities with some hot aqua!

10. Reduce Shivering In Cold Weather

Shivering when it’s cold out helps raise your body temperature back up. But researchers found sipping something warm lowered shivering better than drinking cold fluids. So when working or exercising in chilly weather, drinking warm water, tea, or broth provides an easy way to maintain your natural warmth. Break out the thermoses and drink up!

The Takeaway

While cold water certainly has its place, this look at the evidence shows hot water’s merits. Instilling this healthy habit is simple:

  • Brew hot water for morning lemon water instead of cold.
  • Take medications with warm water.
  • Choose tea over icy drinks in cold weather.
  • Sip some broth or warm water before meals to prime digestion.

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